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Thu 23-10-2014 DOPS General Assembly 2014
November 14, 13.30-15.00.
Niels Bohr Auditoriet, DTU Risø, Roskilde.

Download the agenda for DOPS General Assembly 2014 for more information.

We look forward to the DOPS General Assembly 2014, and hope to see many DOPS members at the assembly. Use this opportunity to let the DOPS board know, which events within optics and photonics you would like DOPS to arrange.

Thu 07-08-2014 DOPS Annual Meeting 2014
Register now for DOPS Annual Meeting 2014!

Two days where you can get updated on the latest research activities and products within optics and photonics in Denmark. Everyone within the field are invited, and it is an unique opportunity to network with new and old contacts.

Submit your research for an oral presentations of 15 minutes or a poster presentation. Send your one page summary including an abstract of maximum 40 words to Steen Grüner Hanson, chairman of the technical committee, at vsgh@fotonik.dtu.dk. Please note one of the three options in the submission; 1: Oral only, 2: Poster only, 3: Oral preferred, poster acceptable.

View the program here, and see all the invited speakers, which include Prof. Roy Tayler, Prof. Søren Rud Keiding, and Prof. Em. Holger Bech Nielsen.

Submission due date: October 10th.

Registration due date: November 1st.

Accommodation opportunities can be found here. Exhibitors can contact Finn Mengel at fml@mengelengineering.dk for registration.

Sat 11-10-2014 Biophotonics 15
The 7th International Graduate Summer School Biophotonics '15 will take place 6–13 June 2015 at Backafallsbyn on the Island of Ven, Sweden.

We have an exciting list of topics and lecturers that already have confirmed their participation. The lecturers will teach their topics in the usual four hour sessions each. In addition to these lectures, the school will kick-off with a keynote lecture on a selected theme; in 2015 entrepreneurship is highlighted.

Read more at biop.dk.

Fri 10-10-2014 Super-resolution microscopy inventors claim chemistry Nobel
Stefan Hell, Eric Betzig and William Moerner win 2014 prize for development of techniques that beat Abbe's optical diffraction limit.

Fri 10-10-2014 DTU-forskere er først med firedobbelte polarisationssystemer
Datahastigheden kan øges ved at sende lys med flere polarisationer gennem samme fiber. Ingen troede dog, at det i praksis ville være muligt med fire polarisationer på samme tid, før DTU viste hvordan.

Thu 09-10-2014 Inventors of Blue LED Win Nobel Prize in Physics
Taking a more practical turn, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics to three inventors of the blue light-emitting diode.

Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano, who worked together at the University of Nagoya, and Shuji Nakamura, who worked at Nichia Chemicals in Tokushima, developed bright versions of the devices in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Read the news on spectrum.ieee.org

Read the scientific background of the price award on www.nobelprize.org

Thu 02-10-2014 Ny polymerfilm kan betyde gennembrud for skærme baseret på kvanteprikker
Kvanteprikker giver flottere farver end mange konkurrerende teknologier, men levetiden har været et problem. 3M har udviklet en polymerfilm, der forhindrer nedbrydningen fra vand og ilt.

Læs mere i whitepaperet fra 3M eller på ing.dk

Thu 02-10-2014 Philips køber dansk teknologi til at analysere blod og urin
Den lille virksomhed Unisensor blev i juli solgt til gigant-koncernen Philips. Nu skal de tidligere ejere integrere deres teknologi til at måle bl.a. bakterier i Philips\' univers.

Læs mere på ing.dk

Wed 01-10-2014 DTU-forskning kan bane vejen for praktiske anvendelser af langsomt lys
Forstærkning af langsomt lys i aktive fotoniske krystaller er første skridt til at udvikle kompakte optiske forstærkere til telekommunikation. Læs mere på ing.dk

Læs den videnskabelige artikel på nature.com

Wed 17-09-2014 Danskere slår vild lys-rekord
Danske forskere har slået verdensrekorden i at skubbe lys ud i det såkaldte infrarøde bølgelængdeområde gennem en optisk fiber. Deres laserteknik kan bl.a. bruges til at diagnosticere cancer og kontrollere fødevarers kvalitet.

Læs mere på videnskab.dk.
Den videnskabelige artikel kan du finde på nature.com

Tue 09-09-2014 Breakthrough in light sources for new quantum technology
One of the most promising technologies for future quantum circuits are photonic circuits, i.e. circuits based on light (photons) instead of electrons (electronic circuits). First, it is necessary to create a stream of single photons and control their direction. Researchers have now succeeded in creating a steady stream of photons emitted one at a time and in a particular direction.

Read more at sciencedaily.com

Thu 04-09-2014 Laser Pulse Turns Glass Into A Metal
For tiny fractions of a second, quartz glass can take on metallic properties, when it is illuminated be a laser pulse. This has been shown by calculations at the Vienna University of Technology. The effect could be used to build logical switches which are much faster than today's microelectronics.

Read more at photonicsonline.com